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MathType is software that allows you to create printed and electronic texts with mathematical formulas. This program can display hundreds of mathematical symbols and templates that are quite comprehensive and suited for presentations and other uses. Create mathematical calculations, scientific formulas, instructional materials, presentations, web pages, and journal articles using this useful program.

MathType Pro can display comprehensive mathematical symbols and produce excellent mathematical notation (either symbols or equations). Furthermore, this program has hundreds of symbols that are not present in similar apps, making it the most widely used software among computer users worldwide.

This program can also convert scientific polygraphic papers into MathML, LaTex, Tex, and other formats, and it supports color for all forms of printing. One comprehensive program with hundreds of symbols to aid in the creation of MTK symbols on desktops and laptops.

MathType Pro is software that must be installed on a computer or laptop in order for users in the Office, Mathematics, Student, and Student areas to produce mathematical formulae and symbols in the form of digital documents that can then be printed as needed.

MathType Pro 7.5 is checked and clean from viruses, ransomware, malware, or Spyware. So it is very safe to install and already clean from various threats that harm the computer. To download it can check the link below.

Features MathType Pro 7.5 Full Version Latest:

  • Convert between LaTex, Tex, and MathML.
  • Microsoft Word is included.
  • Capabilities and performance improvements
  • Numbering on the fly
  • Large selection of symbols and colors
  • Built-in translation for formaTeX, LaTeX, and MathML
  • There are more hues.
  • All Premium Features are available to use.
  • There are hundreds of arithmetic symbols and templates to choose from.
  • When printing a document in the Classic LaTeX format, there is a color assignment.
  • Bug fix for international keyboard support
  • Adding and deleting rows and columns in a matrix
  • Batch export from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (EPS, GIF, WMF, PICT)
  • Improvements to the visual presentation, among other things


Download MathType Pro 7.5 Premium Full Version

MathType Pro 7.5 + Key

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