Windows 11 Pro Full Version + Key Xtreme LiteOS 2021


Windows 11 comes with a new look that's better than its predecessor Windows 10 which feels too heavy for a laptop or computer. Windows 11 does have many features that were not found in Windows before and the main thing about this change is that the Display or Interface section that changes completely is very significant.

Windows 11 Pro Full Version Xtreme LiteOS requires a very small capacity if installed on a laptop or computer so it can be ensured to be very light and not heavy but the main functions can still be felt and used.

There are most of the changes occurring in UX that are indeed adopted from the Windows 10X shell which is not commonly used by windows users around the world. In the right corner will be lost and replaced by fillets and also has a background display or background with blur that adds a premium impression to this latest OS.

The levitation effect of a very beautiful and beautiful menu makes Windows 11 is able to provide the latest experience for its users and can replace the old OS that feels outdated. Many changes occur in this os windows 11, ranging from the Start Menu to the Explorer.

Windows 11 Pro Full Version is checked and clean from viruses, ransomware, malware, or Spyware. So it is very safe to install and already clean from various threats that harm the computer. To download it can check the link below.

Features Windows 11 Pro Lite Full Version LiteOS:

  • No TPM/Secure Boot required
  • Focus on Low Latency And Maximum Performance
  • Can be used for 4GB RAM users
  • All Metro apps are disabled except
  • Windows Defender
  • Hyper-V off Hibernation disabled
  • Help disabled
  • Print SPooler disabled
  • Action Center disabled
  • Sys main disabled
  • Addition of the ol
  • Calculator Older versions
  • MS Paint added
Note: All features (Disabled) can be activated again with the help of ToolKit

Download Windows 11 Pro Full Version LiteOS

Download Windows 11 Pro Full Version LiteOS

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